IBDL Qualifications

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IBDL Foundation is Owner of IBDL trademark Certificates Around the world. It is a multinational organization provides its services through regional offices. In the United States, Egypt, Qatar and Malaysia International professional certification- IBDL consists of three levels in the field of business administration Skills (BAS).

IBDL is designed, validated, and approved by Mc Graw-hill In collaboration with The Management Development Institute, an outreach department for the College of Business Administration, Missouri State University, The quality of our certification programs are built on over a decade of experience in successfully delivering business administration Skills (BAS) certification programs around the world.

We have taken from "Next -- Generation Professionals" slogan, mission and vision for us. Of providing the following generation of professionals a clear picture and a complete business administration Skills (BAS) Through a range of integrated educational materials and fair, transparent and professional Exams to ensure the quality.
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