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http://marketheist.com/brand/etrade - We only tested the free features for the E*Trade Mobile Pro (http://bit.ly/bmKuqH) iPhone app in this video. The app itself is free to download, but you must have a E*Trade Pro account to use the majority of the features to trade, analyze stocks and the market, and manage your trading account. There are only 3 main features that are free: market overview with the major indicies (Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500), News, and customizable watchlists. These are 90% the same as the iPhone stocks app that comes standard with the iPhone and uses Yahoo! finance data. The market data are delayed for those without an E*Trade account.

see the full review: http://marketheist.com/2010/08/12/etrade-mobile-pro-app-for-iphone-free-features-review-video/

Unless you have an E*Trade Pro account to access the advanced features, the free features with this app is very basic and not necessary when you already have the standard iPhone stock app. However, the advanced features are very complete, almost like you're trading from your laptop or desktop computer. We will do a view review of the E*Trade Pro app advanced features for E*Trade users in the next video. The only other brokerage iPhone mobile app that gives you even more ability to trade on your phone is probably the thinkorswim iSwim for iPhone and thinkorswim mobile for Android.

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