How To Trade Stocks & Options With Your Phone - ThinkOrSwim Mobile Application Tutorial Walkthrough

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How to setup the tos ThinkOrSwim mobile application and use it. Stock trader & entrepreneur Brendan does a complete walkthrough on the thinkorswim app explaining how to use the app and all the various parts/features. If you were ever wondering how to trade on the go and trade options from your phone, this is one of the ways. eTrade has a mobile app too, however TD Ameritrade ThinkOrSwim is notorious for having a really powerful mobile application to trade with and analyze stocks. You can also use this for paper trading which is amazing since all you new guys can practice while you are anymore, just note all paper trading quotes are 20 minutes delayed! Also be careful when you see people posting gains from the ThinkOrSwim app, as people can just be showing paper trades, which a lot of Furus have been caught doing.

This tutorial is important though because ultimately if you know how to use the ThinkOrSwim application you can have the freedom to trade from anywhere and monitor your stocks while you are away from your computer. Given the volatility of options trading, I recommend you always keep an eye on your positions, especially if you are day trading and have active day trades that’s can move quickly against you. Further, its important to be able to navigate this app so you can take advantage of opportunities the stock market might present while you are not in front of a screen, but you can still play. More so, the ability to be able to analyze charts and look up fundamentals of a company all the way from earnings dates to PE ratio and VWAP. The app has a lot of tools for traders and there are also three different types of apps so watch the video an familiarize yourself with everything so you will have the skills to use the app without making any mistakes, or at least understand what you are looking at!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this video, we got a bunch more tutorial videos ready to launch that are already up in the citizen library, but if you have a special request let us know and we will make it! You will see in one of my upcoming videos, I have an apology to make, but I don’t want you guys to be intimidated to engage and ask questions so please reach out!

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