How To Set Up Your Etrade PRO Platform (etrade 360) Part 1

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Watch my LATEST video on the platform I'm currently using in 2015!!!

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Etrade is great for anyone that's just starting out. The broker will let you do all of the basics you need to do as you learn how to trade. However, for anyone really serious about becoming a full time trader, you need a much better broker and platform.

That's why I've updated this description (as of April 2015) to let you know that I NO LONGER USE ETRADE! I am trading full time, I'm a professional, and if you want to trade like me, then you need to watch this video:

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I launched a brand new live chat room that is growing rapidly! We have a kick-ass group of people that are trading stocks and trading options. They make money every single day and can you show how to to do the same!

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