Trademarks Crown Vic Old Fashioned

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Trademark and IGC present a special Old Fashioned Series in honor of classic cars for NY Auto Show. The Crown Vic is a favorite of Police and Fathers alike, a reliable, fast, American classic. This is the Old Fashioned version.

The Crown Vic is 2 Ounces IGC Hudson Select Barrel Bourbon,
IGC Cabernet Sauvignon mulled wine reduction, Organic apple bitters,
and Burnt orange and rosemary garnish.

Trademark Taste + Grind
Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, Trademark Taste & Grind is a dual hospitality concept that brings craft cocktails, comfort food, homemade pastries, and Brooklyn coffee to the bustling concrete jungle. The space boasts a front coffee bar, Trademark Grind, that leads down a hallway into a back bar and restaurant, Trademark Taste.

In Good Company Hospitality:
Executive Producer: Jeff Brosi, Terence Tubridy
Director Of Marketing: Robert McGovern
Video: Marko Albrecht
Marketing: Jenna Murray, Sasha Chaifetz, Chris Menna
Culinary Director / Jeff Haskell

music by Broke For Free
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