Trademark Infringement, Reptile Parties, Via Google Adwords

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Trademark Infringement, reptile parties, via google adwords Melbourne.
The legitimate trademark owner is here

Our registered trademarks "reptile parties" includes the following:
(image) Class: 41 Entertainment services; education services including zoological gardens and animal training; provision of entertainment information; production of entertainment shows and interactive programs for distribution via television, cable, satellite, audio and video media, cartridges, laser disks, computer disks and electronic means; theme park services; presentation of live performances; entertainer services; on-line services being the provision of on-line information relating to education, training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities including interactive information, online arranging and conducting of colloquiums, conferences, congresses, seminars, symposiums and workshops, on-line booking of seats for shows, on-line organisation of competitions, exhibitions and shows for cultural or educational purposes; provision of training, sporting and cultural activities; the provision of news and information in periodical publications, including part page; publication of text and/or images including, without limitation, publication of magazines; arranging and conducting of seminars; party planning organisation of exhibitions, entertainment or education entertainment or education without use of animals, children's parties for entertainment or education, educational school incursions entertainment or education at kinders, universities, schools, and other venues, entertainment or education at events, festivals, agricultural shows; school holiday programs, aged care homes other venues or activity types or expos, educational activities either at a facility or as a travelling show, mobile entertainer, all activities covered by Victorian Demonstrators, controllers, displayers, zoo, or other wildlife permits or equivalents as issued by interstate and federal wildlife authorities

Class: 44 Removal of unwanted snakes and all other kinds of animals from properties, including by poisoning, shooting, drugging, tranquilizing, steriliszing, pit trapping, drowning, burying, decapitating, handling with metal tongs, use of gentle giant tongs, using nooses, funnel traps, mesh traps, mist nets and drum nets; the above activities covered by permits, including snake controller Victoria, damage mitigation Queensland, wildlife demonstrators permit Victoria, kangaroo control permit New South Wales, wildlife and crocodile control permit Queensland, possum controller Victoria, wildlife displayers permit Victoria, wildlife rescuer permit New South Wales, and snake removal permit Western Australia, camel control permit Northern Territory, dangerous animal removal permit Northern Territory, wildlife rescuer permit New South Wales, scientific permit to catch, study and keep wildlife in any and all states, and all other equivalent permits as issued by government departments in all parts of Australasia; provision of information on such reptile and animal related matters, including consultancy work in relation to the aforementioned animal services
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