How To Set Up A BROKERAGE Account & GET OPTIONS APPROVAL - Best Broker - Etrade Tutorial - Level 4

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If you want to trade on the stock market or the futures market and trade any sort of options contract or future, you will need a broker. Trading on any of the markets requires a broker if you wish to partake in almost any trading. Thankfully because of technology we still have the same requirement, however using a broker is as simple as a few clicks and doesn’t require some big name firm with high fees and a stock broker in a thousand dollar suit. Given brokerages are really at the center of trading as we wouldn’t be able to trade without them, I thought I would make this video for the newer guys or people looking to just start trading options or learning how to trade stocks in general. This video is perfect for them because I walkthrough from front to back how to create an etrade an account so that you can begin trading. As you can see, it is pretty simple and only gets time consuming when it comes down to eTrade reviewing your information! It pretty much as simple as filling out some basic info, then setting up a bank account through ACH to deposit and withdraw money!

The next big part I go over in this video, which a lot of people have trouble doing sometimes regardless of their trading experience, is applying for options through your brokerage or getting what some brokers refer to as an options upgrade! Just because you have a brokerage account doesn’t mean you can instantly start trading options. Most brokers require that you get options approval before you can begin trading contracts. I go through how to get this upgrade in the video, but essentially you just have to fill out some specific forms and send it in and request a certain level of options trading approval. The options levels may be confusing, but all you need to trade options successfully like me is the ability to buy long calls and buy long puts, which only requires level 2 options, and isn’t too difficult to get your hands on! I go over the steps to getting the approval, but just remember, THE MORE MONEY YOU SAY YOU MAKE AND HAVE THE BETTER, PLUS THE MORE EXPERIENCE YOU SAY YOU HAVE THE MORE LIKELY YOU ARE TO GET APPROVAL!

Finally, the last part of this video, to make it come full circle, is how to place an options trade. Once you have created an etrade account and funded it, gotten options approval, the final step between you and making money trading is simply executing the trades. As I walkthrough, to do that on eTrade, just find the company, go to the options chain and go through the options chain and select the option you want.

Now I only show how to make the trade in this video and don’t go into anything but the very basics. As I explain, there is a lot to trading and trading for beginners per say, and it can’t be covered in just one video or segment. Nonetheless, this will be vital for some of you as you will need to setup a brokerage account at one point, so you better find the best broker and know how they work! Also, you better learn what goes into the trades before you make them, just clicking the right buttons can make you money, but if you don’t know what you are doing it will most likely take all your money. That being said, as far as learning how to trade and starting from the basics, I will try to cover in further trading video series’, the next levels to actually learning the trades, what to look for, how to find stocks and ultimately just make money trading options!

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