How To Open An ETrade Account And Buy Stocks For Beginners


ETrade account set up takes less than 10 minutes to complete the necessary forms. Open an ETrade account easily online by submitting proof of identity and address in the U.S.. Buying stock after opening a brokerage account online is extremely simple on many brokerages, I use OptionsHouse in the video, which is moving into the E*Trade platform. ETrade is a very reputable brokerage with many pro tools and fees under $7.

Buy stock by opening an order, filling in your 'bid', choosing the stock, choosing the quantity of shares, and submitting your order to be filled.

How to open an ETrade account quickly:
Fill out forms (social security or EIN, address, phone, employment, net worth).
Submit documents (proof of residence, sometimes driver's license).
Fund account through a bank transfer.
Start investing.

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Opening an ETrade account or any brokerage account is very similar to opening a bank account in the United States.

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