Soundproofing An Existing Ceiling In A Room

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Learn how to soundproof an existing ceiling in a room using Insulation, Resilient Sound Clips, Furring/Hat Channel, a second layer drywall with Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound, Acoustical Putty Pads on the light boxes and Acoustical Caulk. This same method can be used on walls as well.

Printable installation Guide for Resilient Sound Clips -

Printable Installation Guide for Green Glue -

For more information or to purchase products used in above video see below,

Resilient Sound Clip (GG Whiper Clip/RSIC-1/TMS Silent Clip) -

Resilient Hat Channel (Furring Channel) -

Green Glue Compound -

Green Glue Sealant -

Acoustical Putty Pads -

Mass Loaded Vinyl -

HVAC Damping Tape -

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