How To Trade Penny Stocks For Beginners This Year!

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[00:54] We're grading stocks not just based on buys or sells like CNBC and analysts would have
you believe.
[01:24] There are indicators and factors that can help give you better odds.

[01:38] Making millions from very little is tough but possible with enough hard work, study, tools
and mentorship
[01:50] This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Even my top millionaire students and I took
several years to get wealthy, and that's best-case scenario.
[02:14] Over time, it is possible even if you start with very little -- $500, $1000, $5000.

[02:37] StocksToTrade software helps you find the best stocks & makes research easier (email for specials)

[03:38] Studying the past and present helps you be better prepared for the future
[04:22] Nothing compares to real-world experience. But unless you want to spend the
same 18 years it took me to learn all of this, I suggest you learn from my

[04:38] No matter how bad you want success or how much you research, you can be wrong on
any trade/investment.

[05:21] Trade scared so you're not scared to trade.
[05:25] Cut losses quickly if you're wrong.

[06:35] Focus on small gains as they up to millions over time.

[08:15] This guide is just the beginning of your education. Constant study and preparation are
key to success.

[10:32] Don't copy picks/alerts from anyone else. Learn from what's working with other traders,
patterns, trends, industries, and adapt.

[12:59] My millionaire challenge has created several millionaire students, who now help me
mentor others. Only apply IF you're truly dedicated. No time for lazy people.

[14:56] The money is nice, but you should focus on self-sufficiency, knowledge, and the
confidence to succeed on your own.
[17:26] There is money to be made in every single market, bullish or bearish.
[17:57] React and adapt to whatever happens.
[20:42] This is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep learning, adapting, evolving, optimizing.

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