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This Help Clip demonstrates how to customize the Home Country In-House charges for Trademarks in Global IP Estimator Desktop program. The In-House cost includes the In-House Service charges for all the four stages of Trademarks (such as Search, Filing, Registration, and Renewal) and additional service charges for classes over the first class for all stages except Search stage. You can specify service charges per Additional Class separately for Multi class and Non Multi class filings at each of these stages. The Miscellaneous In-House costs cover costs for Search, Filing, Registration, and Renewal stages. An additional line item ‘User Defined Charge’ is provided for all stages across the category, which lets you specify any other charges not included here.

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Quantify IP's Global IP Estimator program can take your firm's international Intellectual Property cost estimation to a whole new level, boosting the confidence of your current clients, while attracting new ones. Global IP Estimator combines expert technology with worldwide coverage of IP fees and timeline projections to bring you instant, accurate, and customizable results. One look and it's easy to see why it's the most widely used intellectual property future cost estimating software in the world. Global IP Estimator estimates foreign filing cost for Patents, Trademarks, Utility and Design. You can estimate the cost through various filing routes like EPO, PCT and national.

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Quantify IP provides worldwide current and future projected Intellectual Property costs through an increasing wealth of data sourced by our expert professionals and our firmly established industry links with Intellectual Property law firms and IP departments from around the globe. Our suite of products include Global IP Estimator, Global IP Estimator Online, Portfolio Estimator, Company Portfolios Revealed, and Global IP Directory, which are propelling Quantify IP's worldwide client-base into the future with the quickest, most adaptable and easy to use trademark and patent cost estimator software available. More than 70% of top law firms in USA and various fortune 500 companies regularly use our software to accurately predict their foreign filing cost and thereby planning their budget.
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