Inside Robot Restaurant, Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Robot Restaurant, Shinjuku, Tokyo: Needs to be experienced once. It's a crazy, hilarious show. I have no clue what the story line was supposed to be about, but it didn't really matter.

There are 4 shows daily, starting at 4pm, 5.55pm, 7.50pm and 9.45pm. They last around 90 mins. Bookings can be made at Make your booking as far in advance as possible, as they tend to get booked out fast.

It's not cheap - Japan is not cheap - the show costs 8000 Yen per person (US$73), and meals are extra, starting at 1000 Yen (US$9). I had the sushi bento and no complaints.

Don't think of the Robot Restaurant as a "restaurant", think of it more as a show... pure zany cabaret! Anthony Bourdain visited the Robot Cafe (as many people call it) in his "Parts Unkown" series and he said it was “The greatest show on earth!”. Not sure about that, but it certainly is worth a visit.

A sense of humor helps!

Inside Robot Restaurant, you make your way down two levels into the basement, where you’ll be greeted by a robot and shown the bar and lobby. There are all sorts of wacky stuff there like animatronic toys and dinosaurs and a robot band to entertain you until the real show starts.

The theater opens and they hand you your sushi bento box and you make your way to your seat. The show changes a lot, so what you see in the video will be different next week or the month after. The opening of the show features sexy dancing Japanese bikini babes, cosplay outfits and themes and traditional drumming mixed in with not so traditional drumming and all sorts of crazy stuff.

Glow sticks are handed out to the audience half way through for you to wave about and sing along. Just go with it! Kids are welcome but I read some prudish comments/reviews online saying not to bring children. Humbug! Kids will love it!

The Shinjuku District is well worth checking out. It’s full of bars, restaurants and clubs. Kabukicho is a part of Shinjuku and this is where the red light district is – in case your senses weren’t already assaulted enough by the robot show!

I traveled around Japan and loved the country, the people and the food. I really want to return. I didn’t shoot much video while I was there, as making travel videos was never on my mind. I shot this with my cell phone, but it turned out pretty good I think. Hope you like the video. Please “like” and “subscribe”… lots of travel videos coming up.


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