Trademark Law In The U.S. Explained

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Trademark law in the United States is very simple. Trademark means that if there's a symbol that indicates what the quality of the product is, good or bad, that's a trademark. Where you see it and instantaneously know this is an Apple computer because of the trademarked apple on it, for example. Same thing goes for the M in McDonalds - as soon as you see that specific M, you know what it stands for.

Often, Amazon sellers get accused of violating trademark law and unless you're taking the apple on Mac products and putting it on your own t-shirt, or unless you're taking the M from McDonalds and putting it on your own hat, you're not violating anybody's trademark rules. Now, these allegations are made against Amazon sellers all the time. We are very successful at identifying the ones that have no merit and getting those companies to withdraw complaints.

If you're accused of violating somebody's trademark, CALL US or WRITE TO US and we will explain the law to you. We'll help you get your account back because most of the complaints are entirely baseless.

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