LK Metro & Soi Diana, Pattaya, Walk Around – Low Season

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LK Metro and Soi Diana (Soi 13), Pattaya, walk-around during low season, on a quiet Tuesday night. I’m staying at the Opey de Place hotel on Soi Lengkee, and before I go for a few beers, I go across the road to one of the steakhouses. I go into ‘Steak & Co.’ Restaurant. I went for the Tuesday Daily Special, the Black Angus Fillet steak for 595 baht. It was very small, but I know they are usually small in restaurants anyway. The food was very good and it’s a nice restaurant.

Then I took a walk up along Soi Buakhao as far as LK Metro and had a look around. Bars come and go here all the time, but the longest running agogo is still there; Champagne agogo. Opened it’s doors in 2004 and going strong ever since. I always have a great time in The Office go-go and that’s still doing well. Touch agogo was very popular when it first opened but doesn’t seem to be as busy but they still have a great line-up of girls. Sugar Sugar wasn’t busy when I called in, but I’ll check it out again. Cafe Racer opened in August of 2016 (also known as The Wall of Death), and beers are only 60 baht. They run daily happy hours too. It became my favorite bar to hang out in in LK Metro. Many beautiful girls work there, and very friendly. A nice place to sit at the front and watch the goings on of LK Metro.

I rambled down to Soi Diana (Soi 13). It’s full of bar beers with one big main bar beer complex with places like the Pussy Bar! Don’t let the name fool you, it’s just a name, they’re all the same. I just look for the one with the prettiest girls and pull up a stool. You can have a chat with the girls and many like to play games like Connect 4, Jenga blocks and Jackpot. The girls are experts, and usually games are played for drinks, so be careful!

Lk Metro has cheaper beers than Walking Street, less tourists around, so more girls for you! It’s a nice alternative to Walking Street or a change at least. It’s also a good area to stay in, not too far from Walking Street and Soi 7 and Soi 8 are also walking distance. I walked to Soi 6 one night, but it’s a little far. Just jump on a baht bus or grab a mototaxi is easier. The Metropole hotel on Soi Diana is very popular, so is the Areca lodge, but a bit more expensive. I am very happy with the Opey de Place on Soi Lengkee just around the corner for 900 baht per night. (Will do a review on it soon). Many bars have rooms upstairs in LK Metro and around that area for very cheap prices, 400 or 500 baht.

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