Easiest Excel Waterfall Chart (Bridge Graph) From Scratch - Works With Minus Values

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Excel Waterfall Chart from Scratch - This video shows you an easy and flexible method to create the waterfall chart in ANY Excel version.

In this specific lecture I will give you an overview of the three important techniques used to generate this chart.

The reason I call this the most flexible waterfall chart is because you have control over a lot of features that you don’t have control over if you use the new Excel 2016 waterfall chart. For example, you can change the color of the delta bars to whichever color you like, independent of the color scheme. – You can decide where you want to have the data labels, you can include new data series to add your own customization. It also has no problem to show values that go below the horizontal axis, i.e. if you have negative cumulative values.
The data preparation table is also quite simple. This technique does not use the general stacked column chart with invisible base approach, instead it uses error bars and up/down bars to get a very flexible, yet simple waterfall graph.

If you’re interested to learn more about the different ways you can use error bars, up/down bars, how to fully control your data labels or even your series labels - and other tricks and techniques in charts, I recommend you take a look at my online excel visualization/chart course.

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