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Here's something you're going to see a lot more of real soon. A luxurious full-size SUV with zero emissions. That's right, the 2017 Tesla Model X is breaking new ground, and we have five reasons to get in line now for Tesla's all-electric SUV.
Accessible Rear Doors
Some may call them flashy or dramatic, but the rear doors really set the Model X apart. Tesla calls them Falcon Wing doors, and they're designed so you can jump right in the back seats. The access to the rear seats with these doors make getting in and out a breeze, but you'll have to wait a few seconds for them to close. Of course, you can get the Model X with three rows, which can seat up to seven passengers. Just watch out when parking in low garages and using the rear doors.
Do-it-all Touchscreen
Up front here, the touchscreen is pretty much what controls everything. The size of the screen is massive, especially when you compare it to other touchscreens. Just like anything, you'll have to play with it and get used to it, because it controls so much. Another cool thing about the screen is that the software updates over the air. For example, the latest update has improved regenerative braking, and the Falcon Wing doors open and close more quickly.
Electric Efficiency
Once you experience it, driving with zero emissions is pretty cool, especially with the generous mileage range on the Model X. The P100D we had boasts an impressive 289-mile range, and there's a 295-mile range trim level as well. These numbers are some of the best in the electric car field, certainly for a crossover SUV of this size.
Designed for Safety
Safety is always very important, but even more so if you're putting a family inside. For SUVs, rollovers have always and continue to be a main concern. Well, Tesla floor-mounted the battery for a lower center of gravity to reduce rollovers. Switching to the inside, the Model X has special medical-grade filter strips that keep pollen and pollution out before it can get into the cabin.
Instant Power
If you haven't experienced the drive, you have to get into a Tesla and drive one -- or at least be a passenger in one. The P100D trim level does zero to 60 in a very fast 2.9 seconds. Yes, it's the top dog, but no matter what Model X you're interested in, the instant power is unbelievable. As far as handling goes, the Model X inspires confidence in just about any situation. Of course, standard all-wheel drive is an added bonus, let alone having no loud engine screaming at you when hitting the accelerator.
Autotrader Says
The Model X is what you call a premium electric experience. It's elite, it's extremely powerful, and the best part is: You never have to visit a gas station. Get into the 2017 Tesla Model X and you won't be disappointed.
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