File A Trademark Yourself: Specimen Prep

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There are many steps to filing an application for Federal Trademark Registration, and many opportunities to make mistakes. Further, the US Trademark Office does not refund anyone's money once they have taken it. Thus, all applicants, know your risk!

This series of videos helps explain how the trademark filing process works, and how to be best-prepared, either to file yourself or to take your completed materials and put them in the hands of someone qualified to file, such as an attorney.

Either way, whether self-filing or working with an attorney, watching these videos will help clarify how the trademark system works, in general, and how the trademark filing system works, in particular. Further, understanding this is Important to small businesses, and/or inventors wanting to become small businesses, yet many small businesses hugely neglect this area of law, the intersection of branding, brand-identity (including Google Adwords, Keywords, and Alexa-phrases), and Intellectual Property law.

This specific video within the series discusses preparation of the trademark Specimen. Its a short video, but here is a summary (assuming sales of something/anything through a website): the e-commerce website should have a clear unambiguous explanation of the product/service being sold, a specific price or range of prices using $$ signs, an interface for accepting credit-card or e-Payment, and the brand seeking protection being positioned very near to those $$ and credit-card shopping carts.

Numerous examples of valid working Trademark Specimens can be found in many places, but one place is shown below:

interestingly, the viewers of this video may not be aware, but valid and successful examples of Specimens are all around us all day every day, but most people would not have known how to identify them until they learn something about the content and substance of an actual Registered Trademark.
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