How Do I Find An Acceptable Specimen Of Use?

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In this video, we will discuss some examples of acceptable specimens of use for your trademark application.

First, we’ll discuss acceptable specimens for products.

A photograph of the product showing the mark directly on the product.

Examples: the bottom of a coffee mug; metal plate on a bag or wallet; barbecue grill.

Product labels and tags showing the mark.

Example: inside label of a t‐shirt; hang tag on a blouse or pants.

Packaging of the product showing the mark.

Example: tissue boxes; packaged fruit or vegetables.

Signage used in a product display in a store.

Example: Photograph of the actual product display.

A webpage showing or describing the product near the mark and with purchasing information.

Example: a webpage shows a photograph of headphones, the mark for the headphones appears above the photograph, the price appears below the photograph, and a shopping cart button or other way to purchase the headphones appears on the page.

If your product is downloadable software, you can prove use by showing copies of the instruction manual and screen printouts from (1) the actual program that shows the mark in the title bar, or (2) launch screens that show the mark in an introductory message box that appears after you open the program. A web page showing the mark in connection with the information sufficient to download the software will also be acceptable.

A specimen for services generally shows the mark used in the sale or advertising of the services. A customer should be able to associate your trademark with your services on the specimen.


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