Why Use A Trademark Attorney To Register A Trademark

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Trademark Attorney Serena Minott explains 'why use a trademark attorney' to register a trademark, logo or a brand name. Trademark law is complicated.

Registering a trademark might seem like a straight forward process but in truth, trademark law in the United States is governed by federal regulations, unique filing requirements and strict enforcement by the United States Trademark and Patents Office.

There are many areas for mistakes and a simple entry of the wrong information could lead to you losing you filing fees and your trademark application rejected.

Using a registered trademark attorney can actually cost you less and is more cost effective. If there are any errors, omissions or conflicting marks you will then have to hire a trademark attorney to respond with the USPTO on your behalf which will then incur additional fees.

Using a trademark attorney from the start will assist you with better searches which means better odds of success and an more in-depth comprehensive trademark search is more effective than a free trademark search.

An experienced trademark attorney can help spot potential issues and conflicting marks before submitting your trademark application.

Beware of quick filing online trademark service companies. Many online trademark service companies are not registered trademark attorneys bit actually only use a trademark attorney spokes person who only prepares the documents.

They can not provide any legal advice and if you receive any trademark office actions or other challenge to you mark you will then have to incur extra fees by hiring a real trademark attorney.

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