How To Find Stocks To Trade Using Sector Scanner - Interpreting Volume - Options Trading - Day Trade


Here is the second part from my latest live trade tutorial. I go over how to scan for stocks using the sector tool in eTrade pro. I also go over how to interpret volume, especially as it relates to penny stocks, as there is a lot of confusion when it comes to how to trade stocks penny stocks effectively. Best part of all is you can use these scanning strategies for options trading and day trading too. Watch it all so you can understand it, if there is anything you don’t understand simply just ask. I understand that some definitions and concepts may be difficult for beginners, so simply just ask and I will clarify!

As I explain in the video, sectors are very beneficial and a form of fundamental analysis. If you know how sectors operate, you can use it to find sympathy plays amongst many other things like targeting a trade idea and knowing more about an industry. If you play with the columns part on eTrade pro too you can switch things around to be able to target stocks to trade very easy. This is just another tool in the arsenal to have and to be able to understand, as a lot of people don’t know all the sectors/industries that exist so this definitely helps and you can see how stocks interact with each other and what are reciprocals of each other!

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