JNR Wile E Coyote Vs Road Runner Hot Wheels Fantasy Cars Race 20181116 Jammers 'N Racing!


Today's toy car races match-ups:
Crate Racer vs Roller Toaster
(Wile E Coyote vs Road Runner!)

Scoopa Di Fuego vs Scorcher
Tee'd Off vs Tee'd Off 2

Bonus Intro: Star Explorers 1998 5 pack
Shadow Jet, Radar Ranger, Solar Eagle III, Speed Seeker, Flashfire

Feel free to post suggestions of Hot Wheels fantasy cars match-ups or even single cars. Every week I share part of my Hot Wheels Collection and do some downhill racing!

Collectors have been using Jammers for about 20 years! That was the former name of those containers. They are great for storing your toy cars and I have hundreds of them! They are not for tossing into your toy box. Keep them on a shelf and take care of them because they are taking care of your cars!

You can buy Jammers here: (affiliate link)

Get perks such as early access and behind the scenes videos!

If you like downhill racing videos, here are some of my playlists.

Jammers and Racing playlist

Downhill Racing DHR playlist

Hot Wheels Race Crate review

Last week's race

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This Jammers and Racing show evolved from a segment in the Race Grooves Weekend Show. I would take a few paired suggestions from viewers from the previous week and do some DHRQ (Downhill Racing Quickies).

Far Away Sting by MK2
Music from the YouTube Music Library
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