Trademarking Essentials With Attorney Nina Ameri From One LLP

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Letitia Berbaum was back in the studio hosting for Bart Zandbergen with special guest, Nina Ameri. Mrs. Ameri is an attorney focusing on One LLP’s entertainment law, intellectual property law and tax law practices.
Mrs. Ameri represents independent film producers, production companies, writers, actors, and directors in a variety of transactions ranging from: acquisition of intellectual property and life story rights, corporate formation, talent agreements, writer agreements, producer agreements, director agreements, music licensing agreements for independent motion pictures, sales agency and distribution agreements. In addition, Mrs. Ameri has represented clients in entertainment litigation in both state and federal courts and advises clients in pre-litigation dispute resolution. As a Los Angeles native, Mrs. Ameri has many relationships within the sphere of entertainment, media, finance and law which are valuable resources for entertainment clients in assisting them with the development, financing and distribution of their projects. Within the sphere of intellectual property law Mrs. Ameri has substantial experience assisting clients in prosecuting, protecting and defending Trademarks and Copyrights.
In this episode, you'll learn:1. What Is a Trademark or Service Mark and how do they differ from patents and copyrights?2. How do you acquire trademark rights in the US? 3. What are the benefits of a Federal trademark registration issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)? 4. How do you select a strong trademark?5. Do you need to do a trademark search before you file an application with the USPTO? 6. What does it mean to police your trademark? 7. What if you have not started using a trademark yet but are planning on using it soon? Can you still file an application with the USPTO?
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