Branding, Trademarking And Amazon Brand Registry Application

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(Ep 3) This video covers branding, trademarking as well as how to do an Amazon brand registry application and the benefits of doing so.

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1:03 - How are you starting out
4:10 - Company, Seller and Brand name differences
7:15 - One or multiple brand names
11:45 - How to come up with your brand name
23:51 - Brand Registry application and benefits

Brand registry on Amazon requires a lot of preliminary steps and we are going to cover:

- Differences between Company, Seller and Brand Name
- Amazon Brand Strategy and How To Layout Your Brands
- How to Come Up with Your Amazon Brand Name
- How to Trademark Your Amazon Brand
- How to do an Amazon Brand Registry Application and Requirements
- Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

Your company name is for legal purposes and can be anything.

The seller name is the "sold by X" name on listings and will be your seller name on seller central. you can make this the same as your brand name for cohesion but it does not matter hugely. If this differs from your brand name (below), you will not enroll this in the brand registry on Amazon.

The BRAND NAME is the name that you are physically going to affix to your products and is the most important. This is the one you will trademark and enroll with an Amazon brand registry application.

When choosing your brand name, always keep your brand name unique and fanciful to some degree so you can be more confident in your later trademark application.

Consider your brand name as a domain name, on other platforms and check the trademark databases.

You can access the brand registry and start your amazon brand registry application from the "STOREFRONT" tab in seller central. Remember, you will need a REGISTERED trademark to do this. Trademarks that are PENDING do not count and won't be considered.

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