Pattaya Soi 6 & New Regulations

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Taking a mototaxi from Soi Diana, then along Second Road and onto to Soi 6 for some beers. Pattaya has been going through some changes and new regulations over the past couple of months, and seems there are more to come. Thai Authorities have told all bars on Soi 6 that no alcohol can be served until 6pm daily. They used to open at 2pm and stay going until 1am or 2am. Now they can stay open until 3am. Soi 6 is not the lively buzzing place during the daylight hours it once was.

Many guys loved to spend their days there, drinking and chatting the girls. Personally, I’m a nocturnal creature, so I would rarely go there until the sun went down, but for other guys, this new regulation is a disaster.

Some other doom and gloom happenings in Pattaya… You may have heard about Walking Street early closing hours (3am). About a month ago the army were cracking down on bars and discos on Walking Street, shutting everything down at 3am. Apparently, these are not new laws, it’s just that they are enforcing the existing laws, trying to clean up the city and make it more "family friendly". I made a vlog touching on this about Walking Street (link below), but at 3am and well after that, when I was there (days after the army stormed in), bars were still serving alcohol and the discos were full. Maybe the army cracking down on Pattaya was just a one off thing… or something that might happen from time to time. I saw Tourist police walking up and down the street, not passing any remarks on the bars serving alcohol past 3am or the discos.

I hear that Soi 7 and Soi 8 are in for some changes too. The term “lady drink” can’t be on menus… any bar with accommodation for rent upstairs have to have a guesthouse licence… any girl working as a masseuse, now has to have an official qualification. Anyway, as I said, changes are happening. Changes were threatened before many times in the past, but made little difference. I don’t know if the new regulations on Soi 6 are going to be a permanent thing or not, but it’s being enforced.

So now, just go to Soi 6 after 6pm… and you’ll still have a great time. Some of my favorite bars there: Foxy Bar, Roxy Bar, Ruby Club, Sexy in the City, Toy Box, Pussy Club, Sky Bar, Night Wish… they change all the time and I like to bar hop.

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Quick Index:
0:40 Turning onto Second Road from Soi Diana
2:45 Turning onto Soi 6 (Drive down full length of Soi 6)
5:02 A look at some bars and stuff
12:17 Map and outro.

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