Buy Stocks With No Broker Fees Drip Account


** Note the Loyal3 broker will shut down in May 2017 and transfer to FolioFirst.

Buying and holding stocks is a long term strategy - buying stocks without fees is a way to earn more money. No broker fees.
I am not a broker please learn more about investing money and remember it's a risk to invest in the stock market.

Buy and hold - Wikipedia
DRIp Accounts - Wikipedia

Note: Over the course of time (decades) stocks rise and fall, so the length of time and dividend offered is where growth and income occurs.
I post this to help people understand how to grow wealth over time through life lessons that I learned, my own situation is unique to me. The sooner you start to invest the more you learn and the more your money can grow.
I am not affiliated with the site, just trying to help you out.
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