Trade Marks - Law And Practice

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Third Edition

By Alison Firth, Peter Cornford, Gary Lea


ISBN: 978 1 84661 263 3


An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers

As the authors of this excellent guide wisely observe, the information revealed and/or demonstrated by trade marks 'is essential to the functioning of a competitive market.' The economic function and indeed the economic necessity of trade marks have been so long recognised that it is no longer in dispute.

This book carefully examines the ways in which 'the indicative value' of trade marks is protected under UK law within the European and international context.

The expert authors include Alison Firth -- a physicist as well as a barrister and academic; Gary Lea a trade mark consultant and researcher, and Peter Cornford, a Registered Trade Mark Attorney, who, as a practitioner, is responsible for the trade mark portfolios of a number of major clients across a range of industries.

As a quick glance at the contents will indicate, the text covers all pertinent aspects of trade mark law and practice, from the aesthetic and commercial complexities, to legal modes of protection to the process of -- and the criteria for -- registration. Pursuing and defending infringements are also covered, as well as such areas as the assignment of marks and special category marks.

The international context is described in detail under such categories as trade marks and European Union Law and the Community Trade Mark (CTM). The final two chapters examine trade mark systems worldwide and international registration, covering, for example, the Madrid Protocol and the International Trademark Treaty.

This new third edition of a well established work of reference has undergone thorough updating to include major new developments, including Trade Marks Rules 2008 and recent UK case law -- to name only a few examples.

Trademarks and the multiplicity of issues associated with them will inevitably engender copious amounts of case law and this is certainly reflected in this meticulously footnoted work, which includes in total, at least forty-eight pages of tables of cases, statutes, statutory instruments and European and international materials -- plus a detailed index and three appendices containing other relevant materials.

No UK trade mark lawyer -- especially one whose practice includes overseas clients -- should be without this thorough, concise and useful book. The publication date is stated as at March 2012.
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