How To Open An Etrade Account In 2019

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#investedmillennial #girlswhoinvest #femalestockmarketinvestor Hey folks, in this video I show you how to open an E*Trade account in just a few minutes!
Opening an account is not very difficult, but there are some sections that might confuse you if you've never opened up one of these accounts before.

This video takes you through a step by step tutorial of how to set up a basic brokerage account. The account application process is similar to many other brokerage websites such as Scottrade, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, TD AmeriTrade, and many others.

I personally prefer Etrade, but because they have great customer service and their platform is super easy to use! To begin your process of opening an account you can visit



I've created the 'Invested Millennial' platform to share my personal journey in stock market investing and to empower women to start talking about money more openly and way to generate long term wealth.

This channel and my blog/website enable me to share my passion for financial planning and goal setting. I produce content that is 100% transparent and that I love. I try my best to deliver to you all on a consistent basis despite having a demanding full-time job.

There are not enough women on the Youtube space talking about investing, the majority are men! This channel aims to help shift this and encourage more investment-driven​ females to open up and share their stories.

Please keep in mind the information I share is opinion-based. I am not a professional financial planner, lawyer or CPA. I cannot guarantee​ investment gains or losses.
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