Time Force Watch Review Watchgang Black Subscription November 2017

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This Time Force watch review comes by the way of my Watchgang Black Subscription for Nov. 2017. As you will see in the video I am not real happy with this Open Heart time force from timeforcewatch.com.

Watch Gang Coupon Code: https://goo.gl/YQNvJf
Watchgang.com Coupon Code: https://goo.gl/YQNvJf

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This video is not sponsored, Aragon sent me this watch because I purchased it from their website using a coupon code. I have chosen to do my own watch reviews and share with other watch collectors. Have a Microbrand Watch that you would like me to review? Comment below or email info@mywatchaddiction.com

My Watch Addiction is an independent review network for men’s watches purchased from various avenues including Kickstarter, WatchGang.com, Ebay, Amazon.com, Private Watch Sellers, TheWatchBrotherhood.com, Watch Manufacturers and Authorized Dealers. Including watches from companies like ARAGON, Andriod, Grayton, Out of Order (OOO), Chronologia, Virata Watches, TCM, Umbrella Watch Group, Jules Breting, Maurice Lacroix, Xeric, Pierre Bernard, Blacklist Watches, Egard, TW Steel, Reactor, Heritor, Autodromo, Armand Basi, Tellus, Citizen, Original Grain, Reign, Ventus and more! Suggestions for Wrist Watches and Microbrand watch companies are always appreciated- Comment below

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