LLC Annual Fees By State

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NOTE: Some fees have changed since recording this video. Check updated annual LLC fees on the LLC University website:

Most states (but not all) require that your LLC file an Annual Report and pay annual fees.

The average LLC annual fee in the US is $101.

Most states call this the Annual Report, however, it has many other names:

– Annual Certificate
– Annual List of Members
– Annual Registration Fee
– Biennial Report
– Biennial Statement
– Business Privilege Tax Return
– Decennial Report
– Franchise Tax Report
– Periodic Report
– and more



Alabama, $100 minimum, 2.5 months after formation
Alaska, $100, Biennial, January 2nd
Arizona, $0, No annual fee + no report due
Arkansas, $150, Annual, May 1st
California, $800 + $20, Various
"Colorado, $10, 5 month window surrounding
anniversary month"
Connecticut, $20, Annual, anniversary date
Delaware, $300, Annual, June 1st
D.C., $300, Initial April 1st, then Biennial April 1st
Florida, $138.75, Annual, May 1st
Georgia, $50, Annual, April 1st
Hawaii, $15, During quarter of anniversary date
Idaho, $0, Annual, anniversary month
Illinois, $75, Annual, anniversary month (used to be $250)
Indiana, $30, Biennial, anniversary month
Iowa, $60 by mail or $45 online , Biennial, April 1st of odd years (used to be $45 by mail and $30 online)
Kansas, $55, Annual, April 15th
Kentucky, $15, Annual, June 30th
Louisiana, $35, Annual, anniversary month
Maine, $85, Annual, June 1st
Maryland, $300, Annual, April 15th
Massachusetts, $500, Annual, anniversary month
Michigan, $25, Annual, February 15th
Minnesota, $0, Annual, December 31st
Mississippi, $0, Annual, April 15th
Missouri, $0, No annual fee + no report due
Montana, $20, Annual, April 15th
Nebraska, $10, Biennial, April 1st of odd years
Nevada, $500, $150 due month of filing. $350 annually, anniversary month
New Hampshire, $100, Annual, April 1st
New Jersey, $75, Annual, anniversary month
New Mexico, $0, No annual fee + no report due
New York, $9, Biennial, anniversary month
North Carolina, $200, Annual, April 15th
North Dakota, $50, Annual, November 15th
Ohio, $0, No annual fee + no report due
Oklahoma, $25, Annual, anniversary month
Oregon, $100, Annual, anniversary month
Pennsylvania, $70, Every 10 years
Rhode Island, $50, Annual, September 1st
South Carolina, $0, No report due unless you file taxes as an S-Corp
South Dakota, $50, Annual, anniversary month
Tennessee, $300 minimum, Annual, April 1st
Texas, $0, Annual, May 15th
Utah, $15, Annual, anniversary month
Vermont, $35, Annual, March 15th
Virginia, $50, Annual, anniversary month
Washington, $81, Initial $10, within 120 days of filing. $71 annual, anniversary month.
West Virginia, $25, Annual, July 1st
Wisconsin, $25, Annual, anniversary quarter
Wyoming, $50 minimum, Annual, anniversary month


This information is provided for educational purposes only and in no way constitutes legal, tax, or financial advice. For legal, tax, or financial advice specific to your business needs, we encourage you to consult with a licensed attorney and/or CPA in your state.

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