In Good Company Hospitality

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Relax, you're In Good Company.

In Good Company Hospitality is committed to creating vibrant and unparalleled hospitality destinations – with venues in Manhattan and Queens.

Our venues include: Park Avenue Tavern, Refinery Rooftop, Parker & Quinn, Winnie's Jazz Bar, Libation NYC, Trademark Taste + Grind, and Bungalow Bar

Over the past decade In Good Company has reinvented itself with each new location, giving a unique personality to each of its eight diverse venues.

With a collective 100+ years of Hospitality Experience in Restaurant Operations, Hotels, Consulting, Event Planning, Marketing, and Financials, In Good Company bring a unique skill set and approach to the Hospitality Industry.

In Good Company Hospitality:
Executive Producer: Jeff Brosi, Terence Tubridy
Director Of Marketing: Robert McGovern
Head of Video: Marko Albrecht
Marketing: Jenna Murray, Sasha Chaifetz, Chris Menna
Director of Operations: Sean Dillon
Culinary Director: Jeff Haskell
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ReliableIPTV IPTV Private Server + IKS 1 Year No Monlthy Fees
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